The Cattery

A holiday for your cats

Above regulation standards for comfort
Our Cattery accommodation comprises of two highly insulated rooms, one with 8 spaces and another with 5 spaces.

Warm & Cosy

Your cat can enjoy an above average EU regulation space with a raised sleeping area with ramp, a chair to sit on, a scratching post & woolly pom pom Our rooms are heated both with ambient heat and area specific heat lamps should they require a little extra warmth. A wide range of bedding is available to keep your cat cosy and snug, and we recommend owners bring something from home with their smell upon it as this reassures and comforts.
As we are an indoor cattery because it is always cold and windy on the top of the hill, (and not always that warm in the height of summer!) the cats come out of their spaces for walks and play times with toys and string and plenty of chance to look out of the window at the wild birds and goings on.
Wood based cat litters are provided and are checked often and changed when used.
All dietary requirements are catered for and any medication can be given. Let us know what they like to eat and any instructions we need in order to make their stay a happy and enjoyable one.

All heating, food, litter and cuddles are included in the cost.

If you collect before 11am, there is no charge for that calendar day.