The Kennels

Cosy Accommodation

Above regulation standards for comfort
Our kennel accommodation has been created from converting farm buildings resulting in large individually heated areas, exceeding the EU regulations, in rooms of 2, 3 or 4; with extra large areas available for family groups. This enables us to accommodate the dogs best suited together, creating a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Great Outdoors

With 3 field walks daily on extension leads, for freedom to follow their nose, or off the lead play in large secure compounds to chase a ball, rattle or squeaky carrot, (Which ever is their favourite toy), your dog is regularly entertained morning, afternoon and evening. There is also an extra 'elevenses' to either play or chat and have a brush to keep your dogs coat in top condition.
You are welcome to bring along your own dogs bedding that they are used to, and we can provide large and small plastic beds to sleep in, as well as a large range of blankets and vet bedding. We always encourage owners to bring something with their smell on, for example a T-shirt or pair of socks that have been worn for a few hours, to provide a reassuring and comforting scent of home.

Diet & Health

All individual dietary requirements are catered for and medication can be given. Let us know what they would like to eat and we can provide most meals. Specialist and veterinary foods cannot be stocked due to the high number of variantions. You can bring these along yourself.
Please write down any instructions we need in order ro make their stay a happy and enjoyable one.

All heating, food and cuddles are included in the cost. If your pet is collected before 11am there is no charge for that calendar day.